15 adorable and super famous pets

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Chris Evans and Dodger

Chris Evans might be Marvel’s Captain America, but in real life he is a dog lover with a rescue pup named Dodger he clearly adores. And based on everything we have seen on social media, it is clear that Evans is a massive dog lover, which is why when it was announced that he would be narrating the upcoming documentary Superpower Dogs, we were not surprised, but definitely excited.

However, what we really love is seeing pictures and videos featuring Dodger. Recently we celebrated Love Your Pet Day, and in honor of this unofficial holiday, the actor shared a video of when he first met Dodger at the shelter. It turns out his original name was Benny, and even then it was clear that these two were a perfect match.

Since he was adopted, Dodger has become just as famous as Chris Evans, thanks to the actor’s social media posts. Of course it helps that on Twitter, the actor’s header is a picture of his pup.

Every time Evans shares a picture of himself with Dodger, we all fall even more in love. And I am not even sure if which one we love more, the actor or the dog. From Valentine’s Day posts that show the love these two have for each other, to the video of Dodger getting a new lion and having to choose between his new toy and his much-loved lion, each post that the pup stars in gives us all the feels.

Whether it is because of our appreciation for Chris Evans or due to Dodger’s own adorableness, we think this dynamic duo is worthy of topping this list of 15 super famous pets from favorite celebrities. Basically, these two are perfect and we live for all of Evans’ Dodger posts.