Captain Marvel confirms Nick Fury is the best cat mom


Nick Fury may be tough as nails and America’s Top Spy, but in Captain Marvel, we learned all about a soft spot he has for furry little aliens.

Warning: Spoilers for Captain Marvel below. 

Long before we knew much of anything about Captain Marvel, we knew we were going to love Goose. The first teaser poster for the film teased the tail end of the alien kitty, and from that moment on, we stanned the furry little Flerken.

In the comics, fans know Goose by another name — Chewie — and in the comics, Chewie was strongly linked to Carol Danvers. However, the MCU changed things up a bit, as it often does with comic-to-film adaptations, and we have to say the end result has been pretty darn adorable.

It was apparent from the trailers that Nick Fury loves kitties. But it wasn’t until Captain Marvel‘s premiere that we saw the full extent of his love, and it was confirmed to all of us that Nick Fury is Goose’s true cat mom.

In the comics, Carol Danvers took care of Goose and the two went on intergalactic adventures together. But in the film, we don’t see Goose until Fury and Danvers show up at the Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. facility. We later learn Goose was Mar-Vell/Wendy Lawson’s pet (or, more likely, her helpful protector), and after Lawson was killed, it looks like this little Flerken was left to wander the halls of the facility alone.

Throughout the film, Danvers is amused by Goose. But Fury? Oh, he is completely captivated by the orange furball. So much so that Fury holds onto Goose despite knowing she has extremely dangerous characteristics.

Then again, if you’ve ever been a cat mom, you know what that’s like. You endure nips and scratches, you pick up litter, and even when gross hairballs are left on the bed after you’ve just cleaned all the sheets, you still love your fur baby. Same goes for Nick Fury, who takes care of Goose, despite the fact she’s the reason he’s lost an eye or can shoot tentacles from her mouth. Looks like Carol is happy being Auntie Carol to both Monica and Goose, while Fury is proud to be covered in orange cat hair and risk everything for a Flerken snuggle.

At the end of Captain Marvel, we see Nick Fury has continued to take care of Goose — cat bed and all in his office. While this warms our hearts, it does makes us wonder where the heck Goose has been since the events of Captain Marvel.

We hope this adorable Flerken has stayed safe throughout the years, perhaps lounging about on an epic cat tower at one of Fury’s hideouts. And we definitely hope we see her and Fury reunite when Avengers: Endgame comes to theaters on April 26.

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