7 predictions for Avengers: Endgame based on Captain Marvel


With Captain Marvel out in theaters, we have some new theories about Avengers: Endgame. Specifically, how Carol Danvers will fit into everything

Captain Marvel flew into theaters on March 8 to sate the lull between Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame.

The bad news is that we still have almost two months to wait until Endgame arrives. But the good news is that gives us plenty of time to come up with all the ways Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers will help the remaining Avengers.

So without any more fanfare, here are seven different theories we have on how Captain Marvel will help in Endgame. Be warned–spoilers for Captain Marvel and Avengers: Infinity War are ahead!

Captain Marvel will help the Avengers time travel

Samuel L. Jackson kept the press on their toes by saying Carol Danvers can time travel. Which… we obviously didn’t see in Captain Marvel. And he back-tracked later by saying that he made it all up.

But what if he’s just trying to throw everyone off and we don’t see the time travel until the next film? Half of our heroes are dust, and there has to be a way to bring them all back. Time travel seems the most obvious — and the most fitting.

And she is the key to new Stark tech

We’re talking Stark technology specifically designed to take down Thanos… like a new Infinity Gauntlet.

Obviously, Tony will get rescued during the course of the movie and brought back to Earth. He’ll run a bunch of tests on Captain Marvel to figure out how she has fully harnessed the power of the Tesseract (since Wanda, who has powers from the Mind Stone, is currently dust) and use that to create a new gauntlet.

Or, he may create any sort of technology that can help out their cause. But to do that, Tony needs to get rescued first.

Hi-res photo of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame. Image courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

Captain Marvel rescues Tony and Nebula in space

This one’s the most obvious (although Valkyrie could come save the day, too). Captain Marvel can survive in space–and fly through space!–and knows exactly where the jump points are right outside of Earth.

It wouldn’t be Tony if he didn’t have some sort of homing beacon on him to help anyone find him.

We’ll see a grown-up Monica Rambeau

I covered this elsewhere, but Monica Rambeau, at one point, is Captain Marvel in the comics. It would be easy enough to just have her be dusted. Plus that line from Carol about her building a rocket feels too on-the-nose.

Once Carol finds out what happened throughout the universe, she’s going to want to check in on the few people she knows. That includes Monica. And perhaps Monica has spent the last w0-odd years working on a way to find Carol out in the stars.

Speaking of people she knows…

Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL..Goose ..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019

Captain Marvel will find Goose, who will still have the Tesseract

Okay, this one gets a little convoluted. Goose is a flerken. Flerkens can store space and time dimensions in their mouths. They have an infinite amount of space, which is how he stored the Tesseract during Captain Marvel.

If he can store various time dimensions, then can’t he cough up the Tesseract from 1995 for the remaining Avengers even though Thanos technically already has it? That would make multiple/infinite Tesseracts, though.

Time travel hurts my brain.

Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch destroy their respective Infinity Stones

One of the biggest plot points in Infinity War is that Scarlet Witch can destroy the Mind Stone. It’s also the same stone that Baron Von Strucker used to give Wanda her powers.

Now, it’s never specifically stated that Wanda can destroy all of the Infinity Stones, so it may just be the one she got her powers from.

If they manage to time travel to before Thanos gets all of the Infinity Stones, Wanda can destroy the Mind Stone and Carol can destroy the Space Stone. Unfortunately, if the Time Stone is still out and about, then it’s easy enough for Thanos to bring them back.

Captain Marvel. Photo Credit:

Skrulls will factor into this somehow

It seems strange that a brand new alien race would be introduced in the film immediately preceding Endgame (release-date-wise, not timeline-wise).

They may not factor into it in a huge way, but if Marvel really wanted to pull a bait-and-switch (since they made the Skrulls “the good guys” for Captain Marvel, more or less), they would set up Secret Wars.

The Avengers will still defeat Thanos at the end of Endgame, but then some “good guy” is going to betray them and it will actually be a Skrull, and then we start an intergalactic war!

It would be awesome. Well… maybe not so much for everyone in the MCU.

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We still have plenty of time before Avengers: Endgame. Did Captain Marvel give you any new theories that we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments!