Captain Marvel: What to know about Monica Rambeau before watching


Monica Rambeau’s name might be very familiar to readers of the comics. For those getting ready for Captain Marvel, here’s a brief introduction.

Of all the characters in Captain Marvel, the one who might have the most impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward (aside from Carol Danvers herself, of course) is Monica Rambeau. Comics and non-comics fans alike, take note.

Let’s dive in.

Superpowers and unique characteristics

Monica is definitely a kid in the film, around 11 years old. In the comics, however, she has taken up the mantle of Captain Marvel, meaning her powers are very similar to Carol’s.

She also changes up her persona in the comics a fair amount, also going by Spectrum, Pulsar, and Photon (which is Maria’s pilot nickname in the film. Coincidence? Ha!)

What’s she doing in this film?

Most likely: being a kid who loves and adores Carol Danvers. She’s probably super stoked to see her again when she returns to Earth. If Carol and Maria are as close as previews and interviews say, she’ll see Carol as almost a second mother. Carol’s influence on her is probably bigger than we’re all thinking.

She may also help jog some of Carol’s missing memories, too.

How will she fit into the MCU’s future?

There’s always room for new characters in the MCU, especially with Avengers: Endgame on the horizon and not knowing who will survive.

However, just because Monica’s comic book counterpart takes up the mantle of Captain Marvel doesn’t mean her onscreen character will. Brie Larson’s signed on for a lot of films. They could take Monica’s character in a different direction. Or have her be a protégé or maybe a new “field agent” a la Agent Coulson through The Avengers.

The possibilities really are endless, and the MCU should have some kind of plan for her.

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