15 essential K-beauty products you will definitely want to try

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Glow Recipe – Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer

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All it takes is looking at information about the brand, Glow Recipe, to know that whatever product you choose is going to be amazing. The founders of the company have a history of proven experience in the beauty industry thanks to their work with both the American and Korean markets, specifically because of their work with L’Oreal’s global marketing.

Then they founded Glow Recipe and brought the world an innovation in K-beauty that has to be used to be believed. And one of my favorite products happens to be the Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer.

What I love about this moisturizer is the fact that it is good for all skin types, particularly oily and combination. As far as moisturizers go, this one is lightweight and smells deliciously like watermelon. While this product does not have any SPF in it, I am okay with that, because then it can be used under makeup, and it doesn’t get sticky or leave behind a film.

As with any moisturizer, the Watermelon Pink Juice helps with dullness, skin tone, and dryness. And while this can be used both morning and night, I like it at the start of the day to put on under my makeup. It even works well as a general serum for hydrating the skin, so if you find yourself struggling with dryness or flakiness, then this is a great option that won’t weigh your face down at all.

For me, as soon as I smelled it, I was sold. And then once I used it for the first time, I knew it was going to be a permanent addition to my skin care routine.