15 essential K-beauty products you will definitely want to try

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Too Cool for School – Egg Mousse Pack

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When I first started using Too Cool for School products, I didn’t know they were K-beauty items. It wasn’t until I had used some of the masks a few times that I learned the truth. And while it doesn’t change how much I like this brand, it certainly means that it’s a perfect addition to this list.

When it comes to fan-favorite products, the egg products are some of the most popular. And as PopSugar explains, they are now readily available from Target. That’s why I think we have to point out how beneficial the Egg Mousse Pack Anti-Aging Foam Facial Treatment really is for the skin.

This is a product that can be easily used as a facial mask. And not just that, but this treatment is great as a pretreatment before putting on makeup in order to give your skin a radiant glow, while also making it feel softer and more supple.

The Egg Mousse Pack is a whipped meringue made with actual extracts of egg yolk, as well as egg whites. Not only do these ingredients help to give a more youthful appearance to the skin, but it also helps hydrate, purify, refine, and moisturize.

Think of this product as more than just an anti-aging treatment. Instead, think of it as a soothing moisturizer that will help nourish the skin to make it as luminous and radiant as if you just had a facial at the spa. Honestly, this is one of those products that almost seems intimidating to use because of the egg, but does such amazing things for the skin that you will wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.