15 essential K-beauty products you will definitely want to try

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Klavuu – Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack

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Our lips need love too, and that’s why anytime I find lip care products, I try them and recommend them. And this Klavuu Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack is a must try if you are suffering from flaky lips that are dry and uncomfortable.

Enriched with the oils of apricot seeds, sweet almonds, and avocado, this lip sleeping pack is an overnight balm that will help transform your lips. When you use this product, you will find that your lips will feel softer and more supple, while also getting more hydrated.

As an added bonus to the actual benefits of this sleeping pack, you don’t have to worry about this tasting bad either. Instead, this has a subtle flavor of vanilla, which means even if you lick at your lips before falling asleep or while sleeping, you won’t have to worry about the nasty chemical taste of any other facial products.

Instead, you get a balm that tastes good, has a silky feel, and won’t leave your lips feeling sticky or uncomfortable. While not everyone will see the same results, for me this has been an excellent addition to my nighttime routine. It feels gentle on my lips, and every morning it just really feels like my lips are softer. Plus, the fact that they no longer have a flaky appearance when I wake up is a definite plus.

Using this product has made my lips seem smoother. And that means that when I go to apply lip stick or lip gloss, I don’t have to worry about my lips looking bumpy or rough. Basically I love this product and think you may too.