15 essential K-beauty products you will definitely want to try

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Glow Recipe – Sweet Chef Beet + Vitamin A Serum Shot

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Glow Recipe has a lot of excellent products, and one that I love is their Sweet Chef Serum Shots. Not only do they have a few different options when it comes to their serum shots, but each one does something specific for your skin that makes it a must buy.

Of the Sweet Chef serums that I use, my favorite is the Beet + Vitamin A, which is packed with retinol and helps to combat rough skin. This serum shot is also good for helping to refine the pores, while eliminating the signs of aging. Think of this product as like a fountain of youth in gel form.

Glow Recipe even explains that this product is “glass skin made easy,” and as a big component of Korean skin care, it makes sense that having a product that helps with that would be easy to use. And speaking of easy to use, when you want use this serum, you typically add this to your beauty routine after you have cleansed and toned the skin. In order to apply the serum, use the dropper to get two drops on the tip of your finger and then pat the gel into the skin until it is absorbed. It’s that easy.

Designed for use on all skin types, from sensitive to oily or combination, this serum won’t weigh you down. You won’t feel like you have product caked onto your face, and that is always a plus. And the fact that you can apply moisturizer or SPF products over the serum means that it won’t really change your standard beauty routine, but will rather add to it.

This can be used every day, although I don’t. (I can be lazy, even with my own skin care routine.) But, at the very least I use this two to three times per week.