The Dragon Prince: 6 questions we need answered in season 3

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The Dragon Prince season 2 production still. Photo: Netflix

How will Ezran be greeted upon returning home?

After discovering that his father has passed away, Ezran decides that he must forgo the mission to bring Zym home and return to his people. Now that he’s king of Katolis, Ezran feels he must “do the right thing” and be present for his people. Of course, Ezran has no idea what’s been happening back at the palace while he and Callum have been away—so it’ll be interesting to see what sort of greeting he receives upon returning home.

While the people of Katolis will no doubt be thrilled to discover that Ezran is alive, Viren will obviously be less inclined to welcome the new king home. And even if the mage is locked up for the time being, it’s unlikely he’ll remain that way, especially with Aaravos inside of him. Whether or not the Startouch Elf has good intentions remains to be seen, though the ease with which he possesses Viren and kills the castle guard suggests otherwise.

Such forces could definitely make Ezran’s reign a difficult one, especially as the boy is new to ruling a kingdom. He’ll be returning to a castle where he doesn’t realize he has enemies—and frankly, Ezran is outmatched when it comes to enemies like Viren and Aaravos.

There’s also the spell that Viren and Aaravos place on the other kingdoms to consider. If things go according to plan, Katolis’ allies will soon see disaster overtake their lands. This could lead them to ask Ezran for help, and given the boy’s inexperience at ruling, result in a pretty messy situation.

If Ezran is to survive ruling Katolis, he’s going to need guidance—and not from Viren or even the gullible Corvus. Either Callum and Rayla will need to return soon, or Ezran will need to find a wise and trustworthy ally to help him learn to be king. Sadly, Katolis doesn’t seem to  have many of those sitting around.