The Dragon Prince: 6 questions we need answered in season 3

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What does Aaravos want?

Of all the characters introduced throughout The Dragon Prince, Aaravos is probably the biggest mystery thus far. This is primarily because his motivations are currently unclear, but fans are likely to see his intentions unraveled during future seasons of the show. When we first see Aaravos during the second season of the show, he’s trapped in a magical mirror, the secrets of which Viren is attempting to reveal.

As Viren continues to interact with Aaravos, it becomes clear that the Startouch elf is manipulating Viren’s desire for power. And the end of the second season makes it clear that Aaravos isn’t the most trustworthy ally to have, nor does he truly care about helping Viren. Aaravos seems to be out for himself, but it’s unclear what game he’s currently playing.

During the final episode of season 2, Aaravos convinces Viren to cast a spell, bringing misfortune upon Katolis’ human allies. But Aaravos also claims to be helping Viren wage war on the other elves, making his allegiances incredibly unclear. The elf also seemingly betrays Viren in the end, convincing him to kill the palace guards before abandoning him and allowing him to be imprisoned.

Whether Aaravos is playing a longer game or simply wishes to watch all of the kingdoms burn is the question that needs to be answered next season. Learning more about the elf’s past might clear things up, but someone has gone to great lengths to hide Aaravos’ history. Even when Viren attempts to look up the name, all of the ink begins to blur from the pages. Whether this is Aaravos’ influence over him or some darker magic is yet to be seen.

There’s also the question of why Aaravos was trapped in the mirror in the first place. Whoever put him there is likely to be his main target, though again, it’s possible the elf is ready to destroy everything and everyone. He might even be the main villain of the series by the end, something that would make for an interesting twist.

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The Dragon Prince fans will need to wait until the next season to have their questions answered—and given that the series hasn’t even been renewed yet, they could be waiting a long time.