The Dragon Prince: 6 questions we need answered in season 3

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The Dragon Prince season 2 production still. Photo: Netflix

What will happen when Callum and Rayla return Zym?

The first two seasons of The Dragon Prince follow Callum, Rayla, and Ezran as they attempt to bring Zym, the dragon heir to Xadia, home. But now that Callum and Rayla are finally getting close to achieving that goal, fans have to wonder whether returning Zym to the other dragons will truly be as easy as just walking up to Zym’s ancestors and handing him over.

There are so many things that could go wrong in the attempt to bring Zym home, most of which stem from the mistrust and dislike between dragons and humans. It’ll be difficult for Callum and Rayla to even meet with the dragons that reside in Xadia, something made clear by the final scene of the second season. The two run into a dragon called Sol Regen immediately after entering Xadia, and Rayla believes this particular dragon will be one of the ones to give them a difficult time about bringing Zym home.

And the tensions between humans and dragons are even higher now that Soren attacked one of them. When he and Claudia discover a dragon flying over one of the towns they pass through, Soren takes it upon himself to show the dragon who’s actually in power. Of course, it winds up taking some serious magic from Claudia to take the creature down.

Luckily, Rayla and Callum save the dragon before the two siblings can bring it back to Katolis. We can only hope their mercy resonates with the creature more than Soren and Claudia’s cruelty does. In fact, letting the dragon go might be the only thing that grants Callum and Rayla access to Xadia.

But even if Rayla and Callum are able to get an audience with the dragons, there’s also no guarantee that the other dragons will accept Zym as their heir. As far as dragons and elves know, the dragon prince’s egg was destroyed by humans years ago. Callum and Ezran are the first to discover that the egg was actually kept in secret instead of destroyed, but the dragons might not take their word for it. After all, they aren’t exactly trusting of humans.