The Dragon Prince: 6 questions we need answered in season 3

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The Dragon Prince season 2 production still. Photo: Netflix

What does Callum’s sky magic mean for Xadia?

Callum spends the majority of the second season struggling with the pull he feels toward using magic. During the first season of the show, Callum is able to use magic by drawing energy from a Primal Stone, a magical object that helps human beings to access primal energy without drawing it from a living source.

At the end of the first season, however, Callum breaks his Primal Stone—leaving him unable to perform the magic he feels drawn to. During the second season, he fights the urge to resort to dark magic like Claudia’s, a temptation that he eventually gives into in order to save his friends. But while grappling with whether or not he should practice dark magic, Callum manages to unlock a new kind of primal magic—one that was previously thought impossible for humans to use.

When Callum wakes from the bizarre, dream-like state that using dark magic puts him in, he does so with the realization that humans actually can perform primal magic. He explains to a bewildered Rayla that the power has been inside of him the entire time, and then he proceeds to use sky magic. And while Callum’s ability to manipulate the wind may not seem like a major plot point at first glance, it could have huge consequences for the direction the series takes.

To start with, if Callum can use primal magic, it’s possible that other human beings can access those abilities as well. This could turn the tables when it comes to fighting both the Moonshadow elves and the characters who possess dark magic, like Viren and Claudia.

And if other human beings are unable to access the same primal energy that Callum can, that raises new and interesting questions about his character. If Callum is the only human capable of performing magic without a source, what makes him so special? Only time will provide answers, but this storyline is sure to have significant consequences during the next few seasons.