The Dragon Prince: 6 questions we need answered in season 3

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Is Soren truly healed, and has he changed at all?

When Soren comes around after being knocked aside by a dragon, it quickly becomes clear that he’s been paralyzed from the neck down. Despite Claudia’s pinching and prodding, her brother can’t feel anything—not even the broken ribs that resulted from the dragon’s attack. After Claudia’s first few attempts at healing Soren fail, it becomes clear that this paralysis isn’t something that’s going to be simply pushed to the side.

And to his credit, Soren takes the news pretty well. When the doctors tell him that he won’t be able to move again, he’s mostly just relieved that he won’t need to go through with killing Callum and Ezran. Fans see a different side of Soren in this moment, one that desperately wants his father’s approval, but not if it’s at the cost of his friends’ lives.

Sadly, Soren’s injury quickly falls into a commonly used trope in fantasy stories. Claudia does manage to find dark magic that heals him, and he’s wiggling his toes and limping back to Katolis before long. But given the series’ original emphasis on magic being incapable of healing him, fans have to wonder whether Soren is fully and permanently back to normal.

And even if Soren has truly regained control of his body, will he experience any side effects from being blasted by Claudia’s dark magic? The show makes it obvious that whatever spell Claudia performs on him isn’t an ordinary one, and while using the spell is most certainly a turning point for her character, it could alter Soren’s storyline as well.