The Dragon Prince: 6 questions we need answered in season 3

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The Dragon Prince season 2 production still. Photo: Netflix

What are the consequences of Claudia’s foray into dark magic?

Since the beginning of The Dragon Prince, Claudia has used dark magic to her advantage, using the powers of other creatures to feed her own powers. This, of course, is something she learned to do from Viren—though until the second season, we don’t see Claudia take her magic to the same heights as her father.

When Soren becomes paralyzed and seemingly incapable of being healed, however, Claudia takes it upon herself to do whatever is necessary to help her brother regain control over his body. She drains the life force of an innocent doe in order to help him, an action that might signal a turning point for her character.

And while Claudia’s dark magic does appear to work, allowing Soren to move again, it also clearly drains Claudia. She collapses by the time she’s finished with the spell, and a single strip of white hair appears in her hair. This seems to represent that she’s crossed a line, though the consequences of her doing so have yet to surface.

It seems probable that Claudia will need to pay a price for healing Soren, if she hasn’t done so already. Only the third season will reveal what the consequences of her actions will be, and whether they’ll affect her alone or the other characters as well.

While Claudia has always practiced dark magic, she’s never been portrayed as an evil character before. In fact, judging by her interactions with Callum, Ezran, and her brother, she almost always falls under the category of being a good character who sometimes makes bad choices. It’ll be interesting to see if her characterization begins to shift after this moment, however, leading her to become more like her father.