15 essential Avengers: Endgame theories to know before the premiere

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Carol saves Tony and Nebula

It’s still just speculation, but we’re thoroughly convinced Carol will save Tony and Nebula from while they’re adrift in the Benatar. While there are plenty of evil and good alien ships that could rescue the soon-to-be dynamic duo, Carol has probably been busy fighting crime throughout the universe. After all, she’s a profound space-fighter and her skill set is best used throughout the surrounding galaxies rather than solely on Earth.

As she returns to Earth to respond to Nick Fury’s message to her, she could easily wonder upon the Benatar and push Tony and Nebula to safety on Earth. Otherwise, Goose could just teleport them all to Earth in a gross and expedited fashion.

If Carol is the person who rescues Nebula and Tony, we know their salutations are going to be intense. After all, Carol has always had a heroic heart, and she’s going to volunteer to help the remaining heroes take down Thanos and destroy the Gauntlet. How Carol might track down the Benatar in the first place is still ambiguous, but we know any rescue mission likely won’t take place before Tony and Nebula have some quality bonding time and become official besties.