The Walking Dead preview: Symbols, Beta, and cutthroat tension


Everything on The Walking Dead is cutthroat to an extent, but the tension between the Whisperers and the benevolent survivors is growing this week.

We’re worried about our faves, but we’re conflictingly happy that The Walking Dead is returning to its central theme of violence, chaos, and carnage. Call us sadists, but we’re elated the series is getting more turbulent. With the ominous references to some comic book arcs last week, Alexandria’s decision to proceed with the Fair will have some devastating consequences, which we might start to see in this week’s episode.

After last week, The Walking Dead has us in preemptive suspense. We know Alpha and the Whisperers are going to behead some people during the fair, and we know at least a couple main characters’ lives are at stake. Sure, things could take a twist and nobody could die. Or we could have a Rick Grimes-like pseudo-death scene. However, we know better. The apocalypse is cutthroat, emphasis on the throat cutting.

As the name of the next The Walking Dead episode suggests, “Chokepoint” reveals a critical play on words, which could come to fruition this week. However, the trailer for episode 13 notes that there’s a lot more going on than just the impending deaths at the fair.

The ambiguous symbol from the end of “Bounty” makes a return in the teaser. Since Carol is holding an equally vague letter with the same symbol and talking to a disembodied voice affiliated with the symbol in the promo, it might seem like the survivors behind the symbol aren’t connected to the Whisperers. However, clues from episode 11 still make it seems like the symbol is closely related to the Whisperers.

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Since the Kingdom hasn’t met the Whisperers or Alpha yet, Beta could be the person behind the voice in the trailer. Beta’s intentions behind the meeting could allow the group of fake walkers to learn more about the Kingdom and plan out an attack on the survivors. Regardless of their motives, we can already assume the next episode on The Walking Dead is going to get violent.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8 p.m. CT.