The Walking Dead: Alpha may have just foreshadowed these characters’ deaths


One of Alpha’s more gruesome actions on The Walking Dead this week may hint at the deaths of some beloved characters — this season or next.

Warning: If you haven’t watched The Walking Dead season 9, episode 12 or haven’t read TWD comics, you still have time to turn back to your spoiler-free safety. In other words, click out of this article now.

On the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, the Whisperers defleshed some walkers’ faces, and Alpha decapitated one of her own Whisperers. Beyond showing the extent of her unapologetic leadership skills, the scene could also hint at a few more gruesome deaths inspired by the comics.

Sure, The Walking Dead might kill our favorite characters in the most gruesome ways, or force our other beloved characters to watch their friends and family turn into zombies. However, the series and comics do a great job of foreshadowing so we can at least try to prepare for the gory deaths ahead.

The people of Alexandria should have listened to Michonne about the fair because, in a similar comic arc, not everyone fares so well against the Whisperers. There will be some kebobs at the upcoming event, but none that any living humans want to eat (save for the cannibals at Terminus, but we’re pretty certain they’re all dead or undead).

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, the scene where Alpha cuts off a Whisperers’ head is eerily similar to some of the Whisperers’ in-comic tactics against Alexandria. Alexandria might not fully grasp Michonne’s protective instinct, but she was right about how dangerous the Whisperers are. In the comics, the fair gives the best distraction for Alpha to capture several Alexandria survivors, then decapitate and mount their undead heads on stakes.

Now, the comics never showed us just how Alpha quickly decapitates her victims. This weekend’s episode of The Walking Dead gives us some gruesome context on her deadly delivery method. Although the decapitation arc is still hypothetical, we don’t think the series would miss an opportunity for some bloody conflict, especially since there has only been one death within Alexandria’s network of allies.

In the comics, King Ezekiel and Rosita’s heads were at stake, literally. With rumors that Khary Payton might not return to his role as King Ezekiel next season, his on-screen death could play into the comic book narrative later this season. Despite the rumors and the comics blueprint, that doesn’t necessarily mean Ezekiel and Rosita will be the main two characters on Alpha’s chopping block (or chopping string, in this case).

In the current comic-to-television storyline, Carl would have still been alive, so there’s room for the series to improvise who actually befalls Alpha’s cutthroat survival methods. Regardless, the Whisperers aren’t the only ones who have decapitated their foes in the comics.

Negan eventually decapitates Alpha, which transitions into Beta’s vengeful crusade against the former Lucille-swinging leader. While the beheading in “Guardians” can naturally foretell a few major deaths later in the season, it could just as easily foreshadow Alpha’s own execution at the hands of Negan, or even another character.

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While Beta skinning a fresh walker arguably ranks as the most visually disturbing scene in “Guardians,” the scene where Alpha decapitates one of her defiant underlings at least foreshadows more deaths underneath all its gore.

Though we know we’re going to regret saying this, we’re ready for the inevitable tragic comic arc to make its way on the show. (Dear TWD writers: just please don’t kill Michonne.)

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.