Doom Patrol season 1 episode 4 live stream: Watch online


The apocalypse is here. Apart from the critical threats facing our own Earth, the apocalypse is here yet, but the Doom Patrol will be faced with threats of the end of the world in this week’s episode.

The end of the world is upon us! We shouldn’t be surprised. Every week there’s a new species of flora and fauna officially dubbed extinct. Beyond extinction being a dismal — but increasingly reoccurring — theme in the news cycle, approximately 100 companies account for the majority of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which obviously doesn’t help the substantial claims that we only 12 years to prevent irreversible damage from plaguing the planet. The melting ice sheet aside, the apocalypse isn’t upon our nonfictional Earth yet. Instead, the Doom Patrol faces some interdimensional apocalyptic threats on their DC Universe series.

The comic book heroes with a cult following are about to face an actual cult. On brand with the surrealistic elements in the Doom Patrol series, the series is only growing weirder in the face of an apocalyptic threat. Honestly, we’d expect nothing less from this loveably dysfunctional family.

According to DC Universe’s synopsis of Doom Patrol episode 4, “Cult Patrol,” the latest episode will add more tragic content to the series:

"As the team recovers from the fight at Fuchtopia, Willoughby Kipling (guest star MARK SHEPPARD), a magician and an old friend of Niles Caulder’s, unexpectedly conscripts the Doom Patrol into helping him avert the end of the world by stopping a nihilistic cult. Unfortunately though, the Doom Patrol fails and the Apocalypse begins!"

With someone’s “uncle” looking for the chief, the team of weirdos will have to help stop an entire cult and prevent the end of the world on their own. Obviously, the magician Willoughby will help, but the team members are still newbies to the superhero gig. They don’t even really want to be heroes.

The team’s internal discordance with their somewhat mandatory heroic job will naturally add some tension and struggle to the overall desperate situation. After all, there aren’t many things that are more desperate than an apocalyptic prophecy brought on by a cult. Don’t worry: The series will one-up this simultaneously strange and catastrophic saga soon enough.

Thanks to the episode synopsis, we already know the Doom Patrol team fails their impromptu mission and the apocalypse happens anyway. Hey, it happens. Regardless, we’re ready to see how the series incorporates this notable Grant Morrison arc.

Here’s how you can watch the next episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol online:

"Date: Friday, March 8Release Time: 9 a.m. ETEpisode: “Cult Patrol”Streaming Platform: DC UniverseLive Stream: To watch this week’s episodes of Doom Patrol, subscribe to DC Universe."

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