Doom Patrol preview: It’s about to get supernatural


There’s a new, albeit temporary, addition to the Doom Patrol team this week. To keep up with the theme of weirdness, this week’s episode is going to get supernatural.

Last week on Doom Patrol, the team went on an adventure to Paraguay in an attempt to find Niles Caulder. While the didn’t find the Chief, they did manage to kill some Nazis, so they still succeeded with their unintentional hero-ing on some level. However, this has only been priming us for some genuinely bizarre storylines. Even beyond the notable Supernatural actor, Mark Sheppard, and his cameo as Willougby Kipling, Doom Patrol episode 4, “Cult Patrol,” is going to be otherworldly in its weirdness.

After redefining what it means to be strange, what it means to be a superhero, and the intersection of the two terms, the fourth episode of Doom Patrol is only going to get more peculiar. We’d level to really delve into our fan theories, but we’re going to let the promo video speak for itself, especially since Morden seems to have quit his gig of the series narrator:

“Cult Patrol” introduces someone’s uncle. Well, not really. Willougby is more of a non-familial detective, but we’re sure he’s probably at the Doom household looking for the Chief, who’s still MIA. The episode will likely take the team of unlikely heroes on a side mission, as well as a critical arc in Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run.

Based on the trailer, we’ll meet one of Jane’s other alters, one of Niles Caulder’s associates, and the Decreator. Well, the Decreator will at least be heavily mentioned or foreshadowed, given the intentional namedrop in the teaser.

If you didn’t catch the specific comic panel origins for strange antagonists and their weird scarlet and brown robes in the trailer, you’ll have to wait for our Doom Patrol review this Friday. Sorry, but we’re saving the panel-by-panel scenes for our review and beyond, so we don’t spoil anything for you.

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Regardless, we’ll likely see even more comic references and comic accurate parallels, which is turning out to be a refreshingly recurring theme in the series.