Game of Thrones season 8 character posters: What you missed

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Image: HBO

Arya Stark

Arya is one of only two women in these 20 posters to hold a weapon; the other is probably exactly who you think it is, and we’ll be talking about her in a bit. As much as Arya’s clothes are relatively plain for someone of her station, there’s a lot of fine construction going on here, particularly in the picked-out pattern on her sleeves. It’s not full studding, but it’s reminiscent of it. Keep an eye on this one.

Image: HBO

Sansa Stark

See what we mean about Arya’s clothes being a bit bland? This is more than just a dress: this is an ensemble. It’s reminiscent of armor in its own way, though we don’t think this is the armor that Sophie Turner has teased, though it definitely has some armor-like qualities to its construction and the use of leather. Instead, one might even read a sort of scale pattern into it, even as it remains a wintry blue.

Image: HBO

Bran Stark

Bran’s costume picks up the color palette of Sansa and the trim and gloves from Arya, but it’s not as well fitted. Instead, it’s obscuring his body shape, essentially communicating that, well, Bran’s less of a person (and might not really notice his body temperature anymore).

Image: HBO

Sam Tarly

Sam Tarly is still a brother of the Night’s Watch, or at least that’s what his color scheme would like us to believe. However, the use of normal-colored furs might call some of those loyalties into question, suggesting that the conflict which led him to leave Oldtown and the maesters there is still in effect. Pay attention to this entire silhouette, by the way.