Game of Thrones season 8 character posters: What you missed

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Image: HBO


No studding for a man who prefers to do his fighting from the shadows. Weirdly, he has a very similar belt style to Tyrion, but it’s worn in the opposite direction, obscuring his buckle. The pattern he has does evoke dragon scales, though. Even as we’re calling him a wild card, he’s still currently on the Targaryen side of things.

Image: HBO


Our red priestess hasn’t forgotten her choker, which only makes sense considering that it serves to make her appear young again. While you may be forgiven for thinking that the pattern appearing on her gown is just due to the lighting, it’s too consistently visible — even on the shadowed side — to be anything but an actual pattern to the fabric. This isn’t a scale pattern, either; it’s more like honeycomb.

It’s also comprised of hexagons, like the pieces of her choker, without being an exact match. Six, not seven, serves to remind us that Melisandre is not part of Westeros’ dominant faith just as much as her red garments do.

Image: HBO

Theon Greyjoy

Theon finally got to grow his hair out a little bit! It looks good on him. Check out all the suggestions that things are being scraped away from him. His collarbone area has black to it, suggesting he’s coming back to the Targaryen side, as he once swore loyalty to Daenerys, but underneath is the brown armor we normally associate with House Greyjoy. Any sigil he might have has been scratched out, too.

Image: HBO

Euron Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy doesn’t need armor to have a good time. Look at how closely he’s holding onto the throne, with both of his hands wrapped around the armrests. It’s almost like he’s going to use them to propel himself at you — or to make sure you can’t move him. He’s not holding a weapon, even though we know that he’s more than competent enough with them.