Game of Thrones season 8 character posters: What you missed

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Image: HBO

Jorah Mormont

Now cured of his greyscale, Jorah is ready for the wars to come. Again, there are a lot of circles happening here, both in the studding on his armor as well as right on his abdomen. This image is of high enough quality that we can tell it isn’t a Targaryen dragon sigil, although there are three concentric shapes that at least suggest it. Your eyes are still drawn to it, though, based on the studding patterns.

Image: HBO

Grey Worm

And it’s not like there aren’t variations on the Targaryen sigil visible with other characters’ costumes. Grey Worm’s is right between his shoulder attachments, a little too high to be directly above his heart but still meant to be noticed. He shares the studding with Jorah, but it’s a much more rigid pattern. No curves here; this is all business. That dagger is pretty scary, too.

Image: HBO


There’s a tiny bit of studding on her leather overlaying piece, right towards the center of her chest, and though it’s not an exact match, the shape calls to Grey Worm’s armor studding pattern all the same. The overlay also calls to the three-headed dragon chain that Daenerys has worn, but it’s not quite as fancy: fitting for a queen’s advisor to wear.