15 Captain Marvel fan theories you should know before watching

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The Quantum Realm could play a vital role

As Nerdist reports, the pager Nick Fury used to contact Carol in his final moments in Avengers: Infinity War could be anything but a standard communications pager. If Nerdist’s theory that Fury called Carol on a Quantum Realm pager, that could mean Carol has been meandering in the Quantum Realm.

Overall, the Quantum Realm pager theory would concurrently fortify the theory about Carol’s time traveling abilities. Just instead of using her powers to travel through time and space, she would use a Quantum suit and supporting tech to fight crime through time and dimensions. Her Quantum time-hopping could have temporarily saved her from Thanos’ snap.

Depending on whatever message Fury was able to transmit before he disintegrated, Carol could remain somewhere in the past and help the remaining heroes in the present timeline by adjusting the past. We aren’t sure how time paradoxes work in the Quantum Realm, but we’re hoping Carol and Goose can adjust the timeline to help the heroes.

Related theories note that Carol’s powers could have come from the Quantum Realm entirely, which would make her Quantum-related time-traveling more likely. If Carol is connected to the Quantum Realm in some way, that would explain how Scott Lang escaped the Realm, but it could disprove everyone’s favorite theory that Carol saves Nebula and Tony from space.