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Tree Hut Sugar Lips Lip Scrub. Image via treehutshea.com.

TreeHut Sugarlips Lip Scrub

It is important to remember that our lips are also skin, which means that we must take care of them as well. And as someone who has even gone so far as to use lip masks (just like face masks, but specifically designed for the lips), of course, I am a fan of lip scrubs, like this option from TreeHut. Lip scrubs are quick and easy ways to refresh your entire look simply by caring for your kiss.

Using a lip scrub will allow your lips to be polished, exfoliated, and hydrated, all of which are important. And the fact that TreeHut Sugarlips Lip Scrub is inexpensive is the kind of added bonus that makes me extremely happy.

This lip scrub is made using raw sugar and shea butter for an effective and simple product that really does work. Your lips feel smoother, more moisturized, and nourished. And the fact that you can leave this scrub on and lick off the sugar is a major plus.

I consider this product the perfect way to give you kissable lips that look and feel good. And all you need to do is put a little on your finger and rub it on your lips. I usually rub my lips together to really scrub them. Plus, as I mentioned you leave this product on so that the oils soak into the lips and of course the sugar is edible.

I’m a big fan of this product and definitely think more people should jump on the lip scrub bandwagon.

Price: $5.99