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SPF 50 Sunscreen Rose Water Setting Spray. Image via Ulta.com.

ULTA SPF 50 Sunscreen Rose Water Setting Spray

If you are looking for another multipurpose product that can fight the sun while also pulling double duty with your makeup, then look no further than Ulta’s SPF 50 Sunscreen Rose Water Setting Spray. Not only does this spray have a matte finish, but it is easy to use, completely vegan, and even tested by dermatologists.

Now, I like the way sunscreen products smell as it reminds me of the beach, but if you aren’t a fan, then you may want to beware with this one. Another thing to know about this spray is that it is not the best for people with oily skin, as it contains a bit of oil which means it can make your face extremely oily.

With those warnings out-of-the-way, I can get to what I think of as the the good stuff. This setting spray can be used for a waterproof finish over makeup (it is said to be water-resistant for about 80 minutes, which is good to know if you are actually heading to the beach or sitting by the pool), or as a stand alone spray before heading out for a day in the sun.

And it really is as easy as spraying your face and neck and walking away. Remember that this is still a chemical which means it is important to protect your eyes as it will burn if it comes in contact with them.

I love face sprays and this is one that I keep on hand when I need a water proof setting spray or am too lazy to apply a cream based SPF product.

Price: $9.99