Avengers: Endgame theory predicts Ant-Man will meet Hank Pym in the past


The latest Avengers: Endgame theory puts the spotlight on Ant-Man and Hank Pym. Will the movie show that these two met way before we thought?

We’re dealing with a lot of moving parts as we journey along the road to Avengers: Endgame. We’ve got to figure out how the snapped away Avengers will be saved, how will Tony Stark and Nebula return to Earth, and in just a few weeks, we’ll find out how Captain Marvel fits into all of this.

Oh, and we also can’t forget that Scott Lang is currently stuck in the Quantum Realm and needs to get out.

The only evidence we have so far about Scott Lang’s survival is the short clips from Endgame‘s trailers that show Scott is definitely okay. But how does he get out in the first place? According to the latest Endgame theory, Scott will need the help of his good friend, Hank Pym.

Of course, this can’t be present-day Hank Pym because he, along with Hope and Janet Van Dyne, was also snapped away — essentially being the reason why Scott was left helpless in the Quantum Realm. According to Redditor burghguy3, Scott will end traveling to the past and finding a younger Hank Pym to help him set things right. And it all centers around an odd statement Hank made in the first Ant-Man movie: that he’d been “watching Scott for some time now.”

Before we dive into the theory, we have to remember how that may be possible in the first place. While no one, so far, has used the Quantum Realm to time travel, there are signs that show it’s certainly possible. In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Janet tells Scott to watch out for Time Vortexes. We may not exactly know what they do, but it sounds like they’re perfectly capable of sending someone back (or even forth) in time. Even Ant-Man’s director seemed to confirm this was a plausible theory, so now we can move on and talk about how that all fits in with things.

In the theory, the Redditor uses the short clip from the first Endgame trailer that shows Scott Lang on the video surveillance cam as his starting point. Some people noticed the surveillance footage said “archived” with a time stamp that appeared to read “1983” or “1993.” (This is highly debated, though, as some even think it reads “IS03.”)

But this theory falls back on it being “archived” footage from either 1983 or 1993, supposedly the year Scott is released in once he’s out of the Quantum Realm. Then, according to the theory, Scott decides to search for Hank Pym in order to help him get back to the future.

"[Avengers Endgame] Ant-Man visits Hank in the past + casting speculation from FanTheories"

The biggest part of this theory suggests that Scott lets Hank know about the Pym Particles, allowing Hank to use his own future technology to create it in the past. (Mind-boggling, yes.) Then, that allows Hank and Janet to become the “original” Ant-Man and the Wasp, leading back into the timeline that we know today.

Out of all the fan theories, this one ranks among the more likely ones since it’s not completely off the wall. There’s no promise that Scott Lang will come out of the Quantum Realm in the present day. And if he were to be sent back in time, it only makes sense that he would seek out an ally to help him figure things out.

This would also make sense of the throwaway line where Hank mentions he’s been watching Scott for some time. Is Hank like the SHIELD/HYDRA agent who said he was keeping watch on people like Doctor Strange because of their special capabilities? Or, as the theory suggests, was it because the two met long ago in the past?

I’d love for his statement to mean exactly this, but I feel that’s a line that we’re looking a bit too deep into. The reason behind it is more than likely my first suggestion and not the latter. Though it does make me wonder why Hank would have been watching Scott in the first place.

Lastly, the theory also predicts that Emma Fuhrmann’s role in the film will not be an older Cassie Lang as some expected, but rather a teenage Janet that Scott sees in the past. While this likely won’t have an effect on the plot overall, I can say it’s a fun prediction that I wouldn’t mind seeing. Even though I like the idea of an older Cassie Lang being used to usher in the Young Avengers, seeing Scott meet a teenage Janet would be a heart-warming moment, I’m sure.

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Do you think Scott will travel back in time to meet Hank Pym? Or are we being misled by the surveillance camera text in the Endgame trailer? Let us know in the comments.