Titans fans: Everything you can do while waiting for season 2

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Titans season 2 hasn’t started filming yet, so our post-finale life is a bit empty. Don’t worry, we have some suggestions while you wait for season 2.

It’s been weeks without any new Titans episodes. Without our weekly Titans content, the winter is a little colder, food tastes blander, and the people in our lives tell us we’re melodramatic more often. It’s an extended ordeal, but we’ll get through this. Granted, waiting for season 2 to finish filming could take a while since they don’t start filming until next month.

According to Hollywood North, Titans season 2 will reportedly start filming new episodes on March 20 and continue until early September, which means we’ll have to make do without the on-screen team for at least most of the year. While the next season might not realistically debut until 2020, we’ll at least have Doom Patrol to keep us occupied through June, but we’re (mostly) ready for the wait.

After all, we just want season 2 to be streaming-platform ready, even if that means we might have to wait a few extra months to actually watch it. (Batman: A Death in the Family prepared us for tears like these. It’s been years, but no, we’re not over it.)

Still, it isn’t the same without our cult-fighting found family. Don’t worry: we have some suggestions to keep you occupied and your Titans-related obsession fully quenched.