6 expectations we have for Killing Eve’s second season


Killing Eve’s second season is coming soon and we’re ready to have this dark, twisty drama back on our screens. Here are a few things we’re looking forward to seeing.

Killing Eve season 2 is here, and so far, the series’ return looks like everything we could have wanted it to be.

Dark? Check.

Messy? Check.

Completely addictive? Check and check.

To be fair, we don’t know much about what to expect from season 2. Yes, it clearly picks up right where the first leaves off, moments after Eve’s decision to stab Villanelle. But what will happen next? Anything seems possible, with an assassin on the run and a government agent spiraling in her wake.

We have a few ideas for things we’d like to see in season 2, though. Here are six of them:

Villanelle’s response to Eve’s betrayal

Throughout season 1, Eve and Villanelle were involved in a cat and mouse chase that was nearly as much a flirtation as it was any sort of actual investigation. This ultimately culminated in a finale face-off complete with a mutual confession of attraction and an attempted murder, as Eve took advantage of a quiet moment between the two to stab Villanelle in the stomach.

Things pretty much went downhill from there.

The trailer for season 2 reveals Villanelle escapes after trying to shoot Eve, and although we know she survived, we have no idea where her head is at the moment. Will she view Eve’s act as a betrayal? See the object of her obsession as a legitimate threat to her life? Or will she interpret Eve’s attack as just another bit of weirdness in their bizarre almost courtship?

Villanelle is the sort of person who just might view an intimate stabbing as a sort of come on. Violence is one of her love languages, after all. Either way, her response is likely to drive the main thrust of season 2’s arc – but will she be searching for Eve once more in the name of vengeance, or of something else?

More insane Villanelle fashion

If there’s one thing Killing Eve can be counted upon to provide, it’s great clothes. Villanelle isn’t just a master assassin; she’s a fashion icon. (Or, at least, to me anyway.) Her love of clothes and luxury goods is a defining piece of her character — one which both allows her to express herself, and manipulate the expectations of others. After all, no one expects the pretty girl in designer duds to also be a ruthless killer, and Villanelle plays on that idea of herself fairly often.

From the whimsical (that childish pink dress she wears to therapy appointments) to the more obviously serviceable (braids and a biker jacket), her looks are instantly striking and memorable. Who knows what season 2 might hold? In the trailer we see her rocking everything from a hospital gown to some children’s pajamas with style (Where did she even get those, anyway?) What’s next?

Eve and Villanelle’s inevitable reunion

We all know that Eve and Villanelle are going to come face to face again at some point in season 2, right? The question is: How long will it take, and what will happen when they finally do?

Will Villanelle try to kill Eve as payback for getting stabbed? Will Eve try to arrest Villanelle at last? Could they join forces to take on some yet unnamed foe? (But that’s probably the organization that’s controlling them both?) Or will they give the people what they want, and just make out already?

Things really could go in any direction.

That’s part of what makes Killing Eve so fun to watch, of course. But it’s also what makes it impossible to predict. This show so openly enjoys flouting expectations that there’s really no telling what it might do. Because the thing is? There’s a world in which they each try to kill one another again, make out and join forces against a shady bad guy, and that wouldn’t even be weird at all.

Some answers about Carolyn

So, Eve’s boss Carolyn is capital S shady. Her questionable behavior, bizarre connections, and multiple secrets make it really hard to believe that she’s trustworthy, let alone someone with Eve’s best interests in mind.

At multiple times over the course of the first season, Killing Eve hinted that there’s more to Carolyn than meets the eye. She lied about the existence of her own son, covered up her past with Konstantin, and basically continually looked like someone living some sort of double life. Was she? We’re not sure. Or, at least, not to what level. Her secret task force to bring down Villanelle certainly seems genuine, to be sure. But who’s really behind it all? It’s time we find out.

Whatever’s next for Eve’s marriage

When Killing Eve began, Eve’s husband Niko was a standard nice guy, who supported his wife’s professional endeavors and was sweet in a dorky sort of way. As her mysterious job responsibilities increased, a lot of that changed.

He became increasingly overbearing and the fact that his wife had so much going on she couldn’t or wouldn’t tell him about put a serious strain on their relationship. (Plus, the whole risking her life on the regular, thing.) Of course, Eve also started lying, withholding information and generally acting like a person leading a double life, which she was. That likely didn’t help matters.

Neither does her obvious obsession/sexual fascination with a murderous yet gorgeous mass murderer, if we’re honest.

In short, the Polastris marriage is not looking too solid, heading into season 2. But it’s a story that has to be addressed if only because at one point this relationship was obviously an important part of Eve’s life. It’s disintegration, and the reasons for it, say something important. We don’t know whether Eve will ultimately call it quits with her spouse yet, but that she’s changed enough to make it a real possibility.

Villanelle’s new mission

The assassin game wasn’t going so great for Villanelle towards the end of Killing Eve season 1 — abandoned in prison by the very organization she’d worked so hard for, and then given her own handler (and sort of friend) as a target. And that was all before her MI-5 crush showed up in her apartment, flirted with her and stabbed her.

Villanelle’s had it kind of rough for a bit, is what I’m saying. And she still does, given that the season 2 trailer shows her bleeding, collapsing in hospitals and stealing children’s pajamas in what appears to be suburbia. Villanelle’s got bigger problems at present than thinking about her future career track.

But… what about later? Once the bleeding’s stopped and she’s back in her own killer fashion again. Will she keep working for the organization that abandoned her? Burn them to the ground? Strike out on her own? Abandon everything to seek revenge on Eve? All of these things seem like a distinct possibility at this point. Maybe more than one.

Killing Eve returns Sunday, April 7 on BBC America.

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