Killing Eve: What we want to know after that insane season 2 trailer


The trailer for Killing Eve season 2 is here and it’s everything we could have wanted and more. But we still have a lot of questions about what comes next.

Prepare yourselves, folks. Killing Eve season 2 is coming, and it looks like it will be every bit as dark, twisted and utterly addictive as the first.

Because they love us, BBC America dropped the first trailer for the highly anticipated second season on Valentine’s Day. This trailer basically obliterates the idea that this show is going to go through anything resembling a sophomore slump.

The clip, soundtracked by an ethereal cover of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”, showcases Eve and Villanelle in the aftermath of the dramatic events of the season 1 finale.  (For those who’ve forgotten: Eve had just stabbed the object of her obsession; Villanelle tried to shoot her and ran off. And people say romance is dead.)

But after watching this trailer a few (dozen) times, there are more things than ever that we need to know right the heck now.

How does Villanelle survive?

Sure, none of us actually thought that Killing Eve was going to off its complicated assassin lead just yet. (Though, you really do never know. This is the kind of show that would, probably.) But Villanelle did just suffer a pretty big shock in Eve’s decision to try to kill her, not to mention getting stabbed in the gut on top of it.

If the trailer and season 2 promo images are anything to go by, Villanelle is actually pretty badly hurt. She’s bleeding profusely, and we see her pass out in what appears to be a hospital. And since Villanelle doesn’t exactly appear to be the kind of assassin that seeks professional help, well, ever, we know this is will be one tough lover’s squabble to heal from.

When will Eve discover Villanelle’s alive?

We already know that season 2 will basically pick up mere moments after the events of the season 1 finale. So, for all Eve knows, she’s just killed the woman she’s chasing/obsessed with/strangely attracted to. How and/or when will she find out she didn’t? And will she be relieved or disappointed?

Given everything we know about Eve — who before this Villanelle business was little more than a fancy desk jockey at MI-5 — this has to be the first time she’s even come close to killing anyone. Let alone someone she clearly has such complicated feelings for and about. (Villanelle did kill her boss and BFF in front of her after all.) Will Eve find herself relieved that her nemesis could be gone or relieved that she might be alive?

What’s up with all the mirroring?

Killing Eve season 1 played around a lot with existing procedural tropes, frequently exploring the ways that its two lead characters just might be more like one another than not. Season 2 apparently looks ready to make all that subtext, text.

The season 2 trailer is full of complicated mirror images, placing Eve and Villanelle in similar poses and shots throughout, ultimately culminating in both of them on the opposite sides of what appears to be the same door. Is that moment their reunion?

Who’s Villanelle (maybe) about to murder?

The most intriguing part of the season 2 trailer has to be the moment in which Villanelle is digging through a drawer in an unknown person’s home, when a voice offscreen asks what she’s looking for. “A kitchen knife,” she says, “to stab you with.”

Now, given that this is Villanelle, whose general sense of humor is blacker than black, this kind of comment literally could be a joke. But, we’ve also seen her murder someone with little more than a hairpin, so, it’s also just as fair to assume she’s very serious. But where is she? Whose house is she in? And who may or may not be about to die at her hand?

How will Fiona react to Eve’s confession?

Another A+ trailer moment has to be the opening scene in which Eve confesses she not only found Villanelle, it’s possible she killed her. While we don’t necessarily know for sure who she’s talking to on the phone, there’s little doubt that it’s her handler Fiona, the person who basically got Eve into all this in the first place.

How will Fiona react to the news that Villanelle might be dead, and that Eve’s the one who (might have) killed her? To be fair, Fiona had a pretty shady vibe going on herself for most of season 1, and none of us are entirely sure that she’s not part of the same dark organization that’s running Villanelle.

So will she be upset at losing a potential asset? Relieved that Eve survived a run in with a mass murderer? Or something entirely different?

At least we only have a few more weeks to wait before we find out.

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Killing Eve returns for season 2 beginning Sunday, April 7 on BBC America.