Killing Eve 2 might be just as ‘sexy’ as the first installment


The new trailer from the BBC on its 2019 slate of dramas doesn’t have enough of Killing Eve by a long shot, but the tone the short clips strike is great.

The BBC knows that the return of Killing Eve might be one of its best veterans in 2019 with Doctor Who now off until 2020. Sure, Poldark is back, as are Call the Midwife, Luther, and more, but none of those shows have had quite the same build up and break through that Killing Eve did with its first season last year. (Call us when Idris Elba hosts the Golden Globes, for example; Sandra Oh is on that case this year.)

But, in its trailer previewing what’s to come this year, Eve and Villanelle are mostly absent, curiously enough.

With a hat tip to RadioTimes, check it out below:

However, what we do see of them shows that there’s still something magic about this show. Whether it’s Eve and her husband, Niko, having an exchange that has just two words laden with meaning, or Villanelle’s laugh even while she’s bloodied, it establishes that in some ways, things haven’t changed too much. Granted, things almost certainly will have changed — how could they not, after the first season? — but at the same time, Eve and her husband are able to flirt a little, and Villanelle laughs during inappropriate times, and that’s reassuring for a wild series like this.

Of course, the Eve-and-Niko dialogue also helps emphasize the tone of this trailer. “Get Obsessed” is not a tagline you use lightly.

It’s not easy to follow something as good as Killing Eve up without disappointing somebody, but from what little we’ve seen, Killing Eve 2 (yes, that’s really the name that’s being used right now) might just be able to handle it.

Aside from that, though, the description promises that yes, Poldark will return, even as Peaky Blinders moves over to BBC One. (Americans, of course, can watch the former on PBS, and the latter is considered a Netflix Original on this side of the pond.) As for the newcomers, we have our eyes on Gentleman Jack.

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What do you want most from Killing Eve 2?