20 famous last lines from our favorite ’90s TV shows

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The Nanny

Never one to deal in sentimentality, The Nanny went out just as it had lived: with cheeky humor. After years of chasing Mr. Sheffield, their love story finally becomes a reality. There is so much reality, in fact, that Fran gets pregnant with twins and they move from the house in which they lived through the series. With a little tongue-in-cheek humor, the series ends with the very last line from Fran’s Yetta, as she looks around the empty townhouse. She scoffs:

“Such a beautiful place. So much nicer than the one you had in New York.”

Beverly Hills, 90210

I know the last episode of this high school soap-turned-’90s-staple was supposed to be Donna and David’s wedding, but Kelly and Dylan stole the show. After years of on-again/off again romance in which they hurt countless other lovers just to be together, this couple sealed the finale deal in the absolute most perfect way. After Kelly catches the bouquet in a really obvious nod to the impending rekindling, Dylan asks her to dance. He tells her it’s not a one-time offer, and she replies (get ready to swoon):

“I don’t want to wait.”