20 famous last lines from our favorite ’90s TV shows

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Even though Frasier was a Boston transplant in the parent sitcom, Cheers, Seattle was very much ingrained in his identity. He was often pretentious about it, citing the city’s thriving cultural scene as the source of much of who he was. The final episode pulled a bit of a switch-a-roo, seemingly sending Frasier off to San Franciso to take another job, despite most of his family still residing in Seattle. The last moments find Frasier on a plane, recounting his story to a fellow passenger, and we get a surprise when the pilot announces they’ve just arrived in Chicago, the city in which his girlfriend now lives. He turns to (special guest star) Jennifer Beals, and implores:

“Wish me luck.”

Wonder Years

One of the main draws of this heartfelt family drama was its heavy use of nostalgia. Set in the 1960s, it told the story of Kevin Arnold’s formative years, using the narration of Daniel Stern. Looking back on the younger days of Kevin’s character always made us a little misty-eyed, so when the narrator signed off, he did it in the appropriate style. He opined:

“I still look back in wonder.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation

With Patrick Stewart at the helm of this show, it was always about much more than just space. The last two episodes took on the hefty subject of the space-time continuum, and it got a little hairy trying to figure out which time the characters were in. Mostly regarded as among the best episodes of the series, it ends with Stewart’s Captain Picard taking part in a card game he usually sits out. To avoid unnecessary sentiment, while still delivering on its wit. Picard states, matter of factly:

“So .. five card stud. Nothing wild. The sky’s the limit.”

Family Matters

Admittedly, this show got a little bonkers toward the end. Steve Urkel had gone about as far as he could go, including to outer space, and everyone on the show was getting older and outgrowing their characters. Despite its silliness, its last line might be the most romantic one on this list. When Laura demands Steve promise he’ll never go to space, he replies with this gem:

“Only when we kiss, Laura Lee. Only when we kiss.”

Twin Peaks

Even though the show was revived in 2017, picking up where the original left off, fans will never forget the obsequious way it left us in the early ’90s. With only one season airing, the show was far ahead of its time and didn’t really end with any real resolution. The final moments of the show found Special Agent Dale Cooper banging his head against the mirror, shouting:

“How’s Annie?”