20 famous last lines from our favorite ’90s TV shows

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As one of the longest-running medical television series, the show saw a lot of comings and goings cast-wise. As the final season wound down, the doctors were back at work, administering emergency medicine. Even Dr. Carter was back in his scrubs. And as he pulls a patient out of the ambulance, he shouts to the daughter of fan-favorite Mark Green, who is now a medical student:

“Dr. Green, you coming?”

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The relationship between street-smart Will and his fancy cousin, Carlton, quickly became the bedrock on which this show was built. So much comedy was milked out of their “opposites attract” relationship. When the show finally found its natural resolution, Will ended it perfectly, addressing Carlton, and mirroring what fans alike felt:

“I’m definitely going to miss you, C.”

Saved by the Bell

Although this episode wasn’t really the end to the series, it did mark the characters’ high school graduation. As we watched the main characters move all the way through school toward graduation, it became increasingly clear that Zach Morris didn’t care so much for school. His final lines summarize his attitude about the whole matter:

“How about that? I actually graduated high school.”

Full House

We may be currently enjoying a Fuller House, but there was a time when we all had to say a tearful goodbye to the Tanner clan. As a family, they always got through their problems together, so they had to send us out with the same sense of community. Getting through one last challenge, Danny assures Michelle how they’ll always be. He says they’ll get through it:

“Just like we always will.”

Boy Meets World

While the show was, ostensibly, about the burgeoning love between Corey and Topanga, the real heart came from neighbor and teacher, Mr. Feeny. No matter what the other characters were going through, they used to Mr. Feeny’s wisdom as their touchstone. He was their teacher, in many different ways. When the show finally concluded, a touching end was to have Mr. Feeny utter the words:

“Class Dismissed.”