20 famous last lines from our favorite ’90s TV shows

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Everyone knows that Felicity and Ben’s love story dominated this series. It was built right into the premise when she followed him across the country to go to his same New York college. In between that first episode and the final moments of the show, the two did a lot of damage to each other. Although these last lines were followed by a long and poignant musical montage, they will forever stay will Felicity and Ben stans. Ben apologizes, for real this time, and Felicity returns with:

“Yes. I forgive you.”

Party of Five

This show practically invented the tear-jerking family drama. Every week brought fresh, emotional damage as we watched the five Salinger kids have to fend for themselves in the wake of their parents’ deaths. The last line of the series comes from second-to-the-youngest, Claudia, as the family finds an old growth chart. She looks at it, and plaintively states:

“Charlie, look. You’re taller than dad.”

Ally McBeal

The title character of this ’90s staple was a tad on the narcissistic side, but she was lovable nonetheless. Most of her charm came from her earnest attempts at finding love and the lengths she would go to find and maintain relationships. In the that last season, Ally shifted her focus away from romantic love onto her daughter, deciding to move from Boston to New York to be close to her. Once she’s made the final decision, the show ends on one of her classic pep talks. She tells herself:

“Looking back, some of the saddest times in my life have turned out to be the happiest. So I  must be happy now. Yeah. This is gonna be good. Why else would I be crying?”

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Which of these is your favorite last line from TV history? Hopefully you’re not completely in tears by now!