Doom Patrol series premiere: How to watch online


The live-action Doom Patrol series is finally on DC Universe, and this is the belated Valentine’s Day gift we needed in our lives. Thanks, DC Universe, we heart you too.

Given the broken and turbulent theme of the first episode of Doom Patrol and the team themselves, all your chaotic reactions to the premiere are more than just understandable — they’re welcomed and encouraged. Beyond cathartically crying over our favorite bizarre superhero family, the lasted Doom Patrol trailer also tacks a myriad of emotions that we didn’t need, but nevertheless, we’re thankful for that.

Ahead of the first episode, DC Universe gave us some abridged introductions to the Doom Patrol and how they became the unlikely superheroes we know and very much love. From Jane’s explanation of her alters that were scientifically modified to hone complementary superpowers, to gay representation with Larry Trainor, Negative Man, we’re just grateful this trailer exists. (Melancholy scoring and all.)

Following the events of Titans (to a degree because there are some flashbacks and a quickie timeline strung in there, too), the DC Universe synopsis of the first episode gives us some insight in the first episode:

"In the series premiere, the reluctant heroes of the Doom Patrol – Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane face the threat of Mr. Nobody, who’s after The Chief."

The first episode of the series, “Pilot,” might seem like a standard title for the first ever episode of any show. But given that Larry was a pilot before he switched vocations to the superhero profession, the premiere episode could likely use Larry as one of the primary focal points.

Since helter-skelter runs heavy in the Doom Patrol mythos, you can be prepared for the first episode to leap (or fall) into some unexpected action in the first episode. After all, the initial salutations can only last so long. Don’t worry: We’ll have a season-long worth of time to get to know our favorite dysfunctional family, along with all their enemies, a lot better.

Here’s how you can watch the next episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol online:

"Date: Friday, Feb. 15Release Time: 8 a.m. ETEpisode: “Pilot”Streaming Platform: DC UniverseLive Stream: To watch this week’s episodes of Doom Patrol, subscribe to DC Universe."

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Currently, the DC Universe Doom Patrol series is only available to U.S. subscribers, with new episodes airing every Friday. Come back to Culturess after you watch each episode for reviews and more!