Doom Patrol preview: We’re ready to finally meet the on-screen team


The Doom Patrol is nearly here, and we’re going through all the promos to keep ourselves prepared for the show’s DC Universe premiere on Feb. 15.

A whole world of weird is about to debut on the DC Universe streaming platform on Friday, and we’re excited to see one of our favorite dysfunctional families, the Doom Patrol, in a live-action adaptation for the first time. The streaming service is preparing us for our favorite self-aware family of less-than-qualified heroes, and we’re ready to see a group of protagonists who admit that they’re clueless when it comes to heroism.

We’re ready to hear Mr. Nobody narrate the band of outcast heroes’ trial and error approach to heroics. After all, we love our complicated and messy characters, with all their mistakes included. Given the series is a DC Universe exclusive, for now, only US fans can experience Doom Patrol in its glory this Friday. (Please, DCU, expand to the rest of the world, so everyone can cherish the art form that is Cliff Steele’s catchphrase.)

While we’re going to wait until the first episode debuts on DC Universe before we give you extensive details on the characters or their comic book history, we will note that this teaser isn’t a bad place to start.

We’ll see the chaotic Doom Patrol family (who reminds us of the typical dysfunctional family’s potential … if they only had pseudo-supernatural abilities or a robo-person). Since family is a running theme on the DC Universe platform, we’ll see the band of newfound and improbable heroes work through any normal familial fights.

Normally, we’d insert a quip here or a specific example from the first episode, but we’ll use the excuse that we don’t want to infringe on the evil narrator’s day… and night job, or his overall heckling. (In reality, we really just don’t want to spoil anything in our previews.)

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Like the natural order of most comic media that’s made its way onto any sized screen, the first upset will set up the character introductions before we get to the conflict between any of the big bad villains in the Doom Patrol series. So, we’ll leave it to DC Universe to induct the team and all of its members. However, if you want to brush up on anything (or everything) Doom Patrol, DC Universe obviously has a healthy selection of relevant comic issues ready for you.