First look at Kaley Cuoco as the voice of Harley in DC Universe’s animated series Harley Quinn


We have our first look at the DC Universe’s animated Harley Quinn and it includes hearing Kaley Cuoco as the voice of the titular character.

Our first look at the new animated Harley Quinn series is here and it is everything we could have wanted from the zany villain. Not only will we get the humor and manic behavior we have come to expect from Harley, but we also get to hear Kaley Cuoco bring the character to life.

Cuoco revealed she will be the voice of the DC fan favorite Harley Quinn, plus gave a sneak peek of what we can expect during the world premiere screening of DC Universe’s Titans at New York Comic Con on Wednesday.

Right away, the sneak peek makes it pretty clear this animated series is of the adult humor variety. With Harley Quinn in jail, Poison Ivy alongside her, and even Batman popping up to remind the villain that fun is not allowed, it is clear this will be a humorous series as well.

There are moments of meta humor proving even the characters don’t take themselves so seriously (sorry, little Dark Knight humor there). Harley describes the series as having “comedy, action, incredibly gratuitous violence, and unlike that Deadpool cartoon, it’s actually coming out.” But that wasn’t the only meta joke, as these two fabulous villains talked about the DCEU’s tendency for dark storylines, which Harley pointed out made great movies.

Though we only saw two other characters that will be a part of the series, we do know who else will be joining Kaley Cuoco in voicing some of the different animated characters.

The voice cast for Harley Quinn includes Lake Bell who is the voice of Poison Ivy, as well as Alan Tudyk, Jason Alexander, JB Smoove, Ron Funches, Natalie Morales, Jim Rash, Wanda Sykes, Giancarlo Esposito, Chris Meloni, Diedrich Bader, and Tony Hale.

Based on the talented voice cast for Harley Quinn and this humorous sneak peek, we can’t wait to see how the series comes together. Cuoco, of The Big Bang Theory fame, has no problem busting out jokes — but we’re eager to see if she can do our girl Harley justice. Or injustice, in this case?

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Harley Quinn is currently in production and does not have an official premiere date. The series is likely to debut on the DC Universe service at some point in 2019.