21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Gilmore Girls – Luke and Lorelai

Remember when I said Rachel and Ross from Friends have one of the greatest “will they or won’t they?” relationships in TV history? Well, the duo that definitely takes that crown has to be Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls. It took four seasons before we even got a kiss, and it is definitely a slow and bumpy ride for them.

Lorelai and Luke have a pretty unique relationship. Lorelai drives Luke crazy in the best way, and he loves it even if he always pretends to be mad. He hates her terrible eating habits, her coffee addiction, and her penchant to annoy him with her fast-talking and barrage of references that he never understands, but he also pines over her for years. Luke’s sister Liz could tell he has feelings for Lorelai — in fact most people in the town can tell — but he finally takes control of his emotional intelligence, gets a self-help book, and takes the proper steps to finally ask Lorelai out towards the end of season 4. He brings Lorelai as his date to Liz’s wedding, and the pair has a lovely time, but not much comes from it.

Then when Lorelai is doing her test run for her new inn, the Dragonfly, she realizes Luke’s intentions. He gets mad when her ex-boyfriend Jason shows up and makes it seem like the couple are still together. Lorelai chases after Luke to assure him they’re done, and Luke goes on a rant about how he finally did everything right (by the book, literally), and how they had a moment at the wedding. He goes in for the kiss and Lorelai resists at first before Luke says “will you just stand still?” and they have their first kiss — finally!