21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Friends – Ross and Rachel

Ross Geller and Rachel Green are one of the most up and down, “will they or won’t they?” relationships possibly in the history of television. Over the seasons of Friends, they get together, break up, hint at getting back together, reveal they still have feelings for each other, hook up again, broke up, take a break (they were on a break!) and even have a baby together when they aren’t even dating.

But when you go back to season 2, the pair has yet to get together, and audiences were still waiting with bated breath to see if they would finally get together. When Ross goes on a trip to China, Rachel realizes her feelings for Ross and decides to tell him when he gets back to New York. She waits for him to arrive at the airport with a bouquet of flowers, but Ross isn’t alone. He’s reconnected with Julie, a friend from grad school, while on the trip, and the two have started dating.

Rachel is forced to watch Ross and his new girlfriend enjoy their new adorable new relationship, and it’s agony for her. One night while drunk on a date, Rachel leaves a message on Ross’ machine to say that she’s over him. That’s when Ross realizes that Rachel has feelings for him, and he’s more confused than ever. Later in the night, he goes to Central Perk while Rachel is closing up, and the two fight over the fact that they didn’t reveal their feelings for each other.

Ross storms out and Rachel locks the door, but Ross doesn’t leave. When she sees he’s still at the door, she lets him back in, and he grabs her for a passionate kiss. Audiences were ecstatic, but that is just the beginning of the Ross and Rachel rollercoaster!