21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Moonlight – Kevin and Chiron

The other male same-sex kisses on our list were surprisingly upbeat, meaning they didn’t end in some kind of tragedy like so many LGBTQ stories usually do, but that’s not the case with Moonlight. The 2016 Oscar-winning film is about the struggles of accepting your sexuality as well as the complicated relationship between being both gay and black in a world that’s against you.

Chiron already has a complicated life. His mom is a drug addict who isn’t around much, and he’s bullied a lot, but he finds a friend in drug dealer Juan and his girlfriend Teresa.  The young boy gets close to the couple, who are more like his parents than his actual mother is. His mother always makes comments about his sexuality, even when he’s a child, and takes her frustrations out on him.

As a teenager, Chiron explores his sexuality even more. One night, he meets up with his friend Kevin at the beach near his house. The two teens hang out and chat about some serious topics, like the idea of people drowning their sorrows in the ocean, which Kevin says sounds like something Chiron wants to do, to which he responds “I want to do a lot of things that don’t make sense.” The two talk more, and Kevin teases his friend, until it gets a little more flirty. His hand ends up stroking the back of his neck, and both of them stop before leaning in for a tentative kiss, which leads to a make-out session.

It doesn’t end there though. The two keep kissing on the beach, and things escalate further, too. The two friends reunite later in life, and Chiron admits he hadn’t been intimate with anyone since their hookup on the beach.