21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Imagine Me & You – Rachel and Luce

As opposed to the other same-sex female kisses on this list, this one is actually between two women who are interested in each other romantically, not just for the gaze of male viewers. In the 2005 romcom Imagine Me & You, Piper Perabo and Lena Headey play Rachel and Luce, two women who fall in love under less than perfect circumstances.

The movie opens on Rachel and Hector’s wedding in North London. Luce, meanwhile, is the owner of a flower shop hired for the wedding by Rachel’s mom. The connection between the two women is immediate, as Rachel catches Luce’s eye while she walks down the aisle. It doesn’t stop her from going through with her wedding to Hector, but the two women have a moment when they meet later by the punch bowl.

The two are reunited when Rachel goes to Luce’s shop to invite her out for dinner, but little does she know it’s actually a blind date with her friend Cooper. Luce admits to Rachel that she’s a lesbian, but they go through with the dinner anyway, because isn’t it fun watching a guy trying (and failing) to pick up a woman?

The two finally share a kiss in the back of Luce’s shop. Rachel had just left, saying this romance can’t happen, but then she rushes back in and kisses her. The two are making out in a bed of flowers when they hear a noise — and it’s none other than Rachel’s husband, who’s there to buy her flowers.