21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Shameless – Mickey and Ian

There are a lot of complicated relationships on this list — even Harry and Sally take years before they can admit how much they love each other — but none are as complicated as Mickey and Ian from Shameless. We find out early on in the series that Ian Gallagher is not-so-secretly gay when he has an affair with his older, married boss from the convenience store he works at, but Mickey, the neighborhood thug, is much deeper in the closet.

Over the years, the two have a very unique relationship. They continue to hookup on the DL, but Mickey insists they’re not dating. As time goes on, the boys get closer and closer, but between Mickey going to jail, having a baby with a Russian prostitute, and other unfortunate events, their relationship takes a lot of hits.

Of course, the two kiss plenty of times throughout their relationship, and they definitely do much more than just kiss, but it quickly becomes apparent how much they mean to each other. And it’s when Ian is working as a go-go dancer in a gay club that they have another first: their first kiss in public. Mickey gets mad when he sees an old man hitting on Ian (who’s dancing in tiny gold shorts and nothing else) and threatens the guy when he tries to touch Ian while going in for a tip.

Mickey might be mad, but Ian tries to calm him down with a kiss, which Mickey immediately pulls back from. But when he looks around and realizes where they are — in a gay club surrounded by gay men — he reluctantly goes back into the kiss and lets himself get lost in his boyfriend’s lips to the sound of a throbbing EDM beat.