21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Lady and The Tramp – Spaghetti Kiss

Who said a cartoon can’t be romantic? This list could be comprised of just kisses from Disney movies, with everything from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to Up and beyond featuring memorable fairytale romances that we can only dream of. But there’s one cartoon smooch that stands out miles above the rest: Lady and the Tramp.

In this 1955 Disney classic, a Cocker Spaniel named Lady and a stray dog named Tramp meet and embark on a series of romantic adventures. You might find it weird to say a couple of dogs are relationship goals, but come on, have you seen this movie? Their cheeky smooch from their romantic Italian dinner has gone down as one of the best kisses in cinematic history, dogs or not, and has been recreated by countless humans since.

On one of their romantic strolls, the two pups end up at an Italian restaurant, Tony’s, whose owner loves Tramp and welcomes him with open arms. When the chef dares to suggest the dogs want bones for dinner, Tony insists they have the special spaghetti with meatballs, and so he serves them a heaping plate of pasta.

As they’re munching and slurping away on their spaghetti, they don’t realize they’re eating the same long strand, and they end up kissing when they get to the end. The bashful duo pull away, but then Tramp nudges a meatball towards his date with his snout — how sweet! To make the moment even more romantic, the Italian chef and owner are serenading the dogs with “Bella Notte.”