15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Miles Morales Funko Pop!. Image: BoxLunch.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Miles Morales

Speaking of films that we can watch over and over again, like Wonder Woman, a Miles Morales Pop! is the perfect starter for your collection. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse reiterates that anyone can wear the mask, and so anyone can be a hero. We won’t lie: Refraining from panic-ordering every Spider-Verse Funko is a difficult task. Before you expend your new Funko collection to every dimension in the multi-verse, start with Miles.

Narrowing down your first Funko to a Miles Pop! doesn’t necessarily make your search any easier. There are multiple Miles Morales Pop! figures — from his black-and-red Spider-Man suit that appears later in the film to an earlier, harder-to-find (and more expensive) casual look. However, we’re biased toward Miles’ first suit in Spider-Verse.

While the costume party store outfit memorializes the first Peter Parker’s death, it also symbolizes Miles’ heroic rise. It commemorates his first time as Spider-Man, and his journey to find his personal identity in the superhero realm.

Just keep your Miles figurine away from ledges and any other danger because Funkos are fragile (if they fall from great heights, of course). Unfortunately, the cape is not removable, but we think Miles may have had a point — just not in the yellow, maybe.

Price: $10.99