15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Starfire as Batgirl Funko Pop! Image: Amazon

Teen Titans Go! – Starfire as Batgirl

Even if you aren’t Dick Grayson, who is clearly the biggest Koriand’r and Barbara Gordon fanboy in this or any universe (so much that he’s dated them both depending on the comic), Starfire is probably still your favorite Teen Titans team member. While you wait for Funko Pop!s to strike a deal with DC Universe so that you can finally save up to get an entire Titans collection, you can still show your Teen Titans appreciate with Starfire in her Teen Titans Go! Batgirl costume.

There are multiple other Funko versions of Starfire, both from the Teen Titans series and Teen Titans Go! series. Although this version doesn’t show Kory donning her classic animated costume, we know her Batgirl costume illustrates her empowering personality. At the root of every Starfire incarnation, she supports other heroes and fellow teammates emotionally and physically. Seeing her Funko wear a Batgirl costume shows her canon celebration of other superheroes.

After all, the Warrior Princess of Tamaran supports her fellow women heroes just like us — all while keeping her unique features. Seriously, her hair is bigger than her cape, and if you’ve ever seen her earlier comics incarnations, you know that little detail is particularly true to her character.

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