15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Wonder Woman Funko Pop! Image: EMP

DCEU – Wonder Woman

We typically encapsulate movie moments by turning them into GIFs or convincing ourselves that we know how to use crayons or digital tools well enough to scratch out some fanart. Sometimes, we want to remember or favorite film scenes or on-screen character incarnations with posters or collectibles. You know, things we’re not going to convince ourselves we can craft on our own (no matter how many YouTube sculpting tutorials we watch).

Evident by this Wonder Woman movie moment turned vinyl Pop!, Funko is the frontrunner in transforming comics-turned-movie-characters into collectible counterparts. As the DCEU continues to expand, like its growing Pop!s collection, we’re sure your Princess Diana of Themyscira figurine would love to welcome any of your future Funkos.

After all, we know that Diana might be your first Pop!, but she probably won’t be your only DCEU Pop!; you shouldn’t feel ashamed about that, especially not when there are multiple versions of her out there, some from her standalone film, and others from films like Justice League. (That’s before you get into the comics versions, like the DC Bombshells incarnation.) Embrace your nerdy side. Granted, a lack of Funkos doesn’t make you any less of a nerd, but they do help you shamelessly appreciate your faves.

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