15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Funko POP Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Vinyl Figure. Photo Credit: Amazon.

Game of Thrones – Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys is more than just her dragons. The woman with half a dozen titles has been through a lot. Frankly, she’s an empowering character because she continually strives for power despite the myriad of traumas she’s been through.

From using taking control of Slaver’s Bay using some strategic deception (and freeing the slaves) to securing her reign over Dragonstone, she’s beyond a clear contender for the Iron Throne.

While there are a lot of Daenerys Pop!s to choose from, we love this throwback to the young Mother of Dragons, complete with her baby dragon on her arm. However, if you want a more extravagant Daenerys Funko to kick off your collection (or serve as a centerpiece to a larger merch set), we also recommend a couple deluxe figures, such as the one where she’s riding a dragon or the one where she’s sitting on the Iron Throne. The latter is only available for pre-order right now, but it should be out before season 8 starts.

These larger Funkos are a bit more expensive, but it’s near impossible to resist these adorable, but powerful, collectibles. If you’d prefer a smaller, more recent look, Daenerys sporting her white coat from season 7 is also available.

Price: $11.99