15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Demogorgon Funko Pop! Image: Amazon

Stranger Things – Demogorgon

You don’t need to stan Demogorgons to initiate your Pop!s obsession. However, you can appreciate the Demogorgon’s character design (and your Stranger Things fandom) with this dimension-hopping Funko.

Print off a few photos from the Upside Down and scenes from the real-life Hawkins, and you can easily complete the Demogorgon’s interdimensional aesthetic. We’re sure your Demogorgon will feel comfortable in your apartment, especially with its versatile scenery.

Seeing as the creatures from the Upside Down are the main antagonists throughout the series, we don’t blame you for wanted to add this Funko to your culmination of 1980s-inspired Stranger Things trinkets.

No, guttural screeches aren’t included, unfortunately. (Or should we say thankfully?) What are included, though, are plenty of those terrifying teeth. A bonus: there’s a chase variant for the Demogorgon, which features its “petals” closed up. It might just be scarier, since you know what’s beneath without seeing it.

If you’d like something a little more substantial while keeping the Demogorgon around, there is also a larger Pop! depicting Eleven’s final faceoff with the creature in season 1. It’ll run you a little more, but Eleven’s worth it, right? Alternatively, there’s a10-inch Demogorgon variant, though it was only limited to Target and is only going up in price.

Price: $9.99