15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Katara Pop! Photo: Hot Topic

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Katara

Sorry, Benjamin from the Twilight saga, Katara is our favorite waterbender. Her vinyl figurine is a bit difficult to track down, but her Funko is with it because it captures the essence of waterbending mastery.

Though it doesn’t showcase Katara’s inspiring character development and her growing list of bending skills, seeing her classic waterbending stance on your television stand will give you the daily reminder to rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender and reread the multiple comics.

As if you really need a reminder to rewatch one of the best animated series, but Katara is the heart of the series. Sure, Aang is the main character, but Katara is more than a skilled waterbender turned bloodbender. She helps protect the group both physically and emotionally. As the mother of the group, she keeps the group grounded because above all else, Katara is a leader.

Aside from keeping harmony within the group, she helped prioritize peace in the Harmony Restoration Movement after the Fire Nation finally stopped the Hundred Year War. If you’re a part of The Last Airbender fandom, then a Funko of Katara, the multifaceted waterbender master, should be the first item on your wishlist.

Price: $11.99