15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Gwenom Pop! Image: Amazon

Marvel Comics – Gwenom

Thankfully, Marvel Comics is saturated with a plethora of characters. The Marvel Funko lineup isn’t any different, which is why we have another Marvel Comics-themed Funko for you, in case Valkyrie’s film incarnation isn’t one of your favorite heroes. Rude, but we’ll get over it though (eventually).

As everyone’s favorite nerd (other than Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel), Gwen Stacy is just like us in all of her multiple forms and incarnations.

For example, Gwenpool comes armed with mercenary skills and her knowledge of the multiverses that she combines with her fighting skills. Plus, the fact that she’s a comic book character, who knows she’s a comic book character, but she also comes from a dimension where superheroes are just that: comic characters.

But we’ve picked Gwenom in honor of Venom‘s unexpected popularity and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse‘s deserved recognition. This Gwen Stacy has superpowers and a bond with the Venom virus, but she’s still a geek deep down.

Other than that, we’re basically the same.

While you wait for Gwendolyn’s complicated arc to get some cinematic recognition, her Funko will help keep your comics collection company. You just might want to keep your Gwenpool Funko secured in her box, in case she becomes self-aware of her collectible form.

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